Solving Life's Conflicts 

An Attorney duly licensed in the States of Michigan and New York. My legal career began with Michigan's Lakeshore Legal Aid and the Wayne County Prosecutor's Office in Detroit, Michigan. I spent a year developing a knowledge base in Social Security and have successfully obtained Social Security benefits for my clients. I successfully negotiate with debt collectors and regularly settle legal matters in the best interest of my clients.

While providing timely service at reasonable rates. I welcome the opportunity to provide you with high quality work for a variety of legal matters:

*Family law: child custody and support, prenuptial and separation agreements 

*Business litigation and contracts. 

*Healthcare compliance with state and federal New York Office of Professional Medical Conduct.

*Intellectual Property/ Entertainment Law such as endorsement contracts and trademark applications.

My services also include legal research, negotiation, legal letters, briefs, memos and the like as well as Per Diem court appearances. 

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